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How USeek interactive videos work


How do I play?
The video you are watching has objects hidden with in it. You must find the hidden objects, and click on them to be eligible to win a $250 Visa Gift Card. You must be 18 years or older to be eligible for the prizes. Scroll to the bottom of the page for the Official Rules, Terms and Conditions. 

How do I know what to look for?
Once the video starts, there are small dots (we call markers) in the Seek Bar at the bottom of the screen indicating points of time in the video in which an object is hidden. When the Seek Bar approaches those markers a visual hint appears in the Seek Bar showing the viewer what object they are looking for.

What do I do when I see the hidden object in the video?
When you see the hidden object in the video click on it using your mouse (PC/Laptops) or Finger (mobile devices).

How do I know if clicked on the hidden object?
When the hidden object is successfully clicked on a green circle will appear indicating a hit. If you click and miss the hidden object, a red circle will appear. On the Seek Bar, the markers will be replaced with either an "X" indicating failure or a "Check Mark" indicating success.  

How do I collect the points?
At the end of the video an overlay will appear asking you to collect via Facebook or via Email. Click on one of these options to continue.
By continuing with Facebook your account will be set up automatically using the information you provided when signing up for Facebook.
By continuing with email you will be prompted to enter your email address.  We collect this information in order to track your Points and Grand Prize Eligibility.

You may also collect points by sharing the game via Email, Twitter or Facebook. If you hit the share button and don’t actually post to your social network, we will remove the points earned via sharing before the end of the promotion. Please note, some platforms do not allow for social sharing or registration so email registration may be the only option. 

What are Points?
Points are earned and collected when finding and clicking on the hidden objects. These points are stored within your account. The registered viewer with the most points on 9/22/18 (11:59pm PST)  will win the Grand Prize. 

If I win the Grand Prize, how do I collect it?
Collecting your prize is the easy part; we’ll contact you via email or Facebook and coordinate prize collection directly with you.  The promotion ends 9/22/18 (11:59pm PST). The winner will be notified on or around 9/23/18 (11:59pm PST) (or within 5 Days of this date) via email and/or Facebook. 

Can I play more than once to increase my Point total?
Absolutely, you can play as many times you want. However, your account will only update your rewards and point totals if you watch the entire video to completion and enter your information at the end.

If I miss an object can I rewind?
Unfortunately no…. Where is the challenge in that?  You will need to start the video over and play from the beginning.

How do I start the video over?
Hit the pause button in the lower left corner of the media player and a replay button will appear in the upper right next to the full screen mode icon or simply drag your mouse to the top of the player screen and the replay button will appear in the upper right corner. 

Do I have to interact with the video or can I just watch it?
You can just watch the video if that’s what you want. The objects are hidden and won’t affect the content you are viewing.

Do I need an Internet or mobile connection to play.
Yes, you will need an Internet or mobile connection to play and interact with this video. Please see the terms and conditions or the privacy policy regarding the use of data. 

More questions?

For answers to other questions please send us an email at: support@useek.com

To read the USeek Terms and Conditions please visit: https://www.useek.com/prizes/88/terms

To read the USeek Privacy policy please visit: https://www.useek.com/privacy



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