By Fast Company | 03/10/2020

The 10 Most Innovative Video Companies of 2020

The streaming wars are finally upon us, which has led to a full flowering of tech and other programmatic innovations to stand out or power others seeking to compete in this new landscape.

By Bruce Rogers | Senior Contributor | 07/10/2019

Huntley Ritter Builds USeek To Make Video Advertising More Fun And Interactive

A series of interviews with innovators operating at the intersection of consumer behavior and business transformation: Huntley Ritter, Founder and CEO, USeek

By Brian Skuletich | 06/07/2019

How USeek is Helping Brands Standout with Interactive Marketing

In the digital world, brands and agencies are seeking ways to standout to customers. Enter USeek, a company that is helping transform video content into engaging experiences for viewers. USeek CEO, Huntley Ritter joins The Final Round to discuss.